MICROTAC WATER was founded by a team of professionals,
specialist, and advocates with over 10 combined years of experience in the water industry.

Every product we’ve developed meets a practical, real-word need and surpasses its necessary specifications. Whether it’s a small counter top unit or a large tower cooler, we have a cooler and filtration system that meets your needs. Additionally, in the rare instance we don’t have a product that meets your specific requirements; We will design, modified or customize a cooler, coffee machine or filtration on.


The human body requires an optimal PH level, and works hard to maintain & balance acid and alkaline. There are many studies linking a PH of +9 to improved organ functions and resistance to disease.

Our water purification process ensures that your water passes through Alkaline Purification and the Reverse Osmosis Filters. We are able to produce alkaline and negative ORP water as healthy as the best mineral spring by adding calcium and other beneficial minerals.

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