Sparkling-Alkaline water is another variation of water. It is a clear, odorless, tasteless, and colorless form of liquid. Sparkling-Alkaline water derived its name from the fact that is infused with carbon dioxide which makes it Sparkling-Alkaline or bubbly. Sparkling-Alkaline water can be derived artificially or naturally.

Sparkling-Alkaline mineral water is the most natural form of Sparkling-Alkaline water and it contains minerals and also be naturally carbonated. This type of natural Sparkling-Alkaline water is known to be highly effervescent and refreshing, and it usually comes directly from a mineral spring. The sparkle can be as a result of gases occurring naturally in the water. It must, however, be noted that not all Sparkling-Alkaline mineral water is naturally sparkling. Many mineral water companies such as ours can also effectively add carbon dioxide to the water to achieve the bubbliness.

If you are wondering what is an example of Sparkling-Alkaline water, then you should know that the liquid that comes from soda maker devices that inject water with carbon dioxide is a good example. There could also be flavored Sparkling-Alkaline water as well, which may contain additional ingredients.

Seltzer water is fundamentally the artificial or man-made version of Sparkling-Alkaline water. It is commonly said to be a cheaper alternative to the natural Sparkling-Alkaline mineral water.

It is also very natural to wonder about club soda vs. Seltzer water. When it comes to composition, Club soda usually has more in it compared to the Seltzer water. Club soda usually contains substances such as the sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, Potassium Sulfate and also disodium phosphate. All these are commonly referred to as the mineral-like ingredients. It is also crucial to mention that Club soda contains sodium, thus it may not be ideal for those who are looking to cut down on sodium intake.


Sparkling-Alkaline water is widely regarded as a great solution for cutting out on soda addiction. However, what are the other benefits of drinking Sparkling-Alkaline water?

Sparkling-Alkaline Water helps you drink more water:

One of the most apparent perks of Sparkling-Alkaline water is that it helps you drink more water. If you are the type that struggles to drink plain water during the day, then you should absolutely consider drinking Sparkling-Alkaline water and help yourself with consuming enough water throughout the day.

Eases Up Swallowing Process.

Sparkling-Alkaline water has been known to aid digestion. This it does by helping with the ability to swallow. As a matter of fact, a study made in 2016 showed evidences that Sparkling-Alkaline water helped subjects swallow more easily.

Increases the Feeling of Fullness

A lot of people drink water just before a meal to prevent overeating. However, it has been shown that Sparkling-Alkaline water is capable of making you feel fuller longer than ordinary plain water. It is also the fact that Sparkling-Alkaline water can help food stay in the body much longer, thus making the fullness sensation occur even faster.


Very similar to the function of helping you swallow, Sparkling-Alkaline water can also help relieve indigestion and constipation. In a study, it was demonstrated that those who were suffering from functional dyspepsia and constipation and drank Sparkling-Alkaline water experienced much improved digestive process.


Apart from the benefits that have been mentioned above, it has been shown that Sparkling-Alkaline water can help improve bone health. A study conducted on egg-laying hens showed that exchanging tap water for Sparkling-Alkaline water for normal water led to increased leg bone strength.


Sparkling-Alkaline water is a very harmless H20 substitute and it has been highly recommended as a replacement for syrupy sodas. Sparkling-Alkaline water doesn’t just help you stay hydrated, it also helps improve your health in many other ways.

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