It is incredibly important to be aware that most tap and well water in the U.S. contain medium to high levels of contamination from a number of sources such as environmental and industrial pollution. As a matter of fact, all sources of water, whether it is river, lake, well, or glacier, has a level of contamination or the other. In most cases, contaminants substances range from man-made chemicals and byproducts to naturally occuring minerals. Surface water can also get highly exposed to storm water runoff, acid rain, pesticide runff, and even industrial waste. It may be true that the most prevalent contaminant levels may not be high enough to trigger immediate illness, but they are more than likely to cause dangerous healh effects overtime, after long and uncontrolled exposure.


Having an ample of some of the unwanted substances in water and their effects may give proper knowlegde on how to effectively control them.

  • Microbial Pathogens : These includes bacteria, parasites, and viruses and they are generally disease producing micro-organisms.
  • Organics Substances: Unwanted organics in water include
    • Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.
    • Solvents, degreasers, gasoline additives, and other Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).
  • Radioactive Elements – These are usually as a result of decay of uranium in rocks and from the soils around.
  • Inorganic Substances: These include toxic and corrosive metals such as arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, chromium, and others.

The pervasion of these contaminating elements in water makes it all the more important to use a whole house filtration system to protect the household from a wide array of contaminants in the water sources. With this being said, we will examine some of the benefits of using a standard whole house filter in the next heading.


Whereas it is the case that water from a municipal source is latently treated, it is important for you to know that it still exposes you to a number of risks of contamination. However, a whole house filter system offers an extra layer of protection in every water outlet in your home and make you and your family feel more safe. While most of these contaminants cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can inhaled from the lungs and absorbed through the skin, thus it is extremely crucial to get protected across the home. Here are some of the highlighted advantages of using a Whole House Filter:

  • Clean water in every outlet in the house
  • More healthy showers and baths.
  • Softer and longer lasting clothings and fabrics
  • Healthier hair and skin that is freee of contaminants.


Our whole house filter is the RainSoft Centurion system and it provides protection from scale formation throughout the home. It can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home or it can be placed directly before a water heater or any other device that requires protection from hard water.


Proprietary media casues calcuim, magnesuim, and bicarbonate ions which may then form microscopic hardness crystals and may stay suspended throughout the water supply and eventually flushed down the drain. With the centurion Whole House Media Filtration system, you cannot find any chemicals such as slat, phosphate used.

The Filter reduces the ability of water molecules to prevent calcuim, magnesuim and bicarbonate ions from coming together to form cystals of calcium amd magnesium scale. This process is known as the Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), and it results in the creation of microscopic cystals of scale (seed crystal), whcih forms rapidly in treated water and not on the contact surfaces of the water system. These are carried downstream in colloidal suspension throught the water system.


With all that has been said, it becomes imperative to invest in a whole house filtering system which has a full range of filtering capabilities to keep the whole family safe. With our RainSoft Centurion, you can have a single point filtering system that delivers healthy and clean water that is free from contaminanats and perfectly safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

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